We use schedule 40 pvc pipe to plumb our pools and spas. Pipe sizing is determined so that a sufficent amount of water flow is being met. Pools and spas are plumbed to meet all building codes and safety regulations. Once the pool has been plumbed we leave pressure gauges at the end of the lines to assure the plumbing is holding pressure. This also will tell us if any of the lines may have been broken during any of the construction phases. All suction outlet fittings and covers are certified and comply with ASME/ANSI A 112.19.8 Federal Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Act covers. This act applies to residential pools as well as commercial pools. Commercial Pools must employ one or more of the following additional options..

  • Safety Vacuum release system (SRVS) that complies with ASNE/ANSI A 112.19.8; or
  • Suction limiting vent system; or
  • Gravity drainage system; or
  • Automatiic pump shut-off; or
  • Drain disablement; or
  • Equivalent system that may be approved by the CPSC.